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Electronic Prescriptions (EPS) Posted on 10 Nov 2020

In line with the NHS guidance, we have upgraded our surgery policy to be in line with the next phase of the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) which will mean that almost all our prescriptions are now being processed electronically since January 2020.

Electronic prescriptions help save the NHS money.

You will receive your prescriptions in the same way as you do now.

If you have a nominated pharmacy all your prescriptions will be sent to your chemist.

If you do not have a named pharmacy then your prescriptions will still be digitally signed and sent on to NHS digital and you will be given a printed token to take to any pharmacy of your choice.

For those patients with out a nominated pharmacy: it would be most helpful and time saving, if you could let us know your nominated pharmacy so that your scripts could be sent directly to your chemist removing a need for you to collect the prescription token from the surgery.

Read more about EPS on the NHS website.

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